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The OWL | New Software Release

New Software Release

We’re excited to be releasing a new version of the OwlNest and OwlWare – lots of new features and improvements!

Our main focus has been to improve the firmware update procedure, so that this can be done smoothly. With the new version of the OwlNest you can download firmware updates directly from our website, as well as update the device from file. The update process is also much improved with a progress bar and much better stability.
For the firmware, the main exciting new feature is that you can run patches in series or parallel mode. In series mode, the output of the green patch is further processed by the red patch – on both channels. In parallel mode, the green patch processes the left channel while the red patch does the right. Synchronously and simultaneously! Pressing the pushbutton to switch between red and green lets you set the parameters for the two patches independently. You can still run the pedal in the default Dual mode, with only one patch running at a time and the button switching the currently active patch.

We have also implemented a filter for the parameters and numerous other improvements which we hope you will appreciate!

Mac and Windows binaries are available on the OwlNest page – Linux version coming soon!

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